The Harsh Effects of Cold Weather on The Body

According to, there are many things that can happen to the human body when exposed to extreme cold temperatures, such as: frostbite, excessive shivering of the body, a serious medical condition referred to as hypothermia, headaches, runny nose and water eyes, shortness of breath, and increased calorie burn. Many of these symptoms usually happen when you are exposed to weather that can cause some serious damage. It is more than important for more people to stay educated on the harsh effects of weather on the human body. The reality of it is that cold weather is definitely a danger to many animals and human beings. Many animals and humans were not meant to survive extreme cold weather, unlike some animals. This is why humans are as intelligent as they are, because they were able to create fire and heating resources to keep them warm. The human body is meant to keep warm at a temperature that ranges around 97 degrees Fahrenheit. When the body becomes any colder than that, you are looking at serious conditions that could even cause death. Having reliable heating systems in the home is crucial to keeping everyone in the home safe and healthy.

According to Care2, there are also many negative effects of cold weather on the body that include: a weakened immune system, asthma attacks that can be severe, migraines that can last four hours and low libido. If there are children in the home that are very young and vulnerable, you could be dealing with much more serious health issues that could arise, such as hypothermia. Keeping your home warm and comfortable for the body allows your body to feel at ease. When you expose your body to extreme cold weather, you cause a significant amount of stress on the body that can even make you ill fast. Keeping your home warm and comfortable will prevent any unnecessary stress on the body and can keep you feeling healthy and comfortable.

If you have a heating system that has not been in good shape, you may want to consider making some repairs. Many people tend to neglect their heating systems that they have in place and overtime, they go bad. Heaters and furnaces require regular maintenance in order to run properly, just like a car. You have to change out filters and make sure that all the components are not going bad in order to receive the maximum efficiency of the heater. If you have realized that your heater may need some quick maintenance and repairs, then don’t hesitate to get a professional in your doors. You do not want to try to attempt any on your own, as you may possibly cause more damage. You can search for your nearest heating repair potomac md contractor.

Keeping warm is important to the human body. If you have a heater that has not been in service for quite some time, then consider contacting a professional. Getting your home warm and safe is critical to your health and everyone else in the home.